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U - Clamp

We are Authorised Dealer, Distributor, Supplier of U Clamps, Ferreterro, Plastic Chains And Standpoles & our set up is situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.




  • BACK-UP PROTECTION : Twin slings are actually two complete and separate slings in one. Each path makes its own separate connection between the hook and the load and accounts for 50% of the total sling work load. This design we manufacture is non patented and is cost effective than other sling makers
  • DOUBLE CORE : The TWIN sling design provides the sling user with an early warning and inspection system. Also available in double core for extra abrasive resistance and long life. The load carrying yarns never come into contact with the load. When the protective outer cover is damaged, the inner cover provides extra protective sleeve for usage
  • ELONGATION STRING : We provide ALL our Round slings, and TWIN sling as well with Elongation string to know whether the sling has elongated and when the String disappears should be discarded.
  • FIBER-OPTIC INSPECTION : Fiber-optic inspection cables assist the sling user and inspector to evaluate the condition of the load carrying yarns. The condition of the internal load carrying yarn can be inspected by checking the conductivity of the fiber optic cable. If the load carrying yarns have suffered chemical, heat or crushing damage, the fiber optic cable will lose its ability to transmit light from one end to the other, giving the inspector a reason to remove the sling from service and return it for repair evaluation.

Plastic Chain & Standpole



  • Most Convenient
  • Most Attractive
  • Most Economical

PLASTIC CHAIN is made of High density Polythene/polypropylne and is light weight, durable, economical and maintenance-free. Available in many attractive colour combinations such as White & Red, White & Orange, White & Green, Red & Yellow, Black & white and Black & Yellow. It is also available in any single colour . It can be supplied in any specific colour combination other than mentioned above for orders over 200 meter length.

STANDPOLE assembly consisting of base, pole units, connectors, chain holder cup and display fixture is supplied as separate parts to facilitate handling and transport. STANDPOLES can be assembled with the chain in a very short time giving you an attractive yet most convenient demarcation, partition or fencing. The height of the poles is adjustable. A special display fixture is provided at the top of the poles where you can exhibit any display such as monograms/symbols or instructions such as IN, OUT, STOP, GO, etc.

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